Skin in the Game

Business investors take special care of the possibility of losing their money on a bad investment. When they’re wrong about a hunch (a prediction), they can lose whatever they put into it. When it is someone else’s money, people are not as prudent.  If a failure will hurt, it is referred to as having skin in the game. Without skin in the game, people can and will do stupid things without having to pay for their personal failure.

It occurred to me today that it is possible for Sapiocracy propositions to be structured such that voters must have skin in the game.  Imagine a proposition that, if it fails, will end up costing a lot of money to clean up.  In all current systems, this cost is borne by society through increased taxes or fees.)

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Let’s Dance!

If you don’t know what Sapiocracy is, read What is Sapiocracy here.

There a relatively famous video on the internet that documents a startling phenomenon.  You can see it here:  Sasquatch music festival 2000 – Guy starts dance party If you haven’t already seen this, spend the three minutes to watch it now.

If you somehow feel that it will be insurmountable to get something like Sapiocracy off the ground, this video may suggest a different possibility.

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About Aggression


I’ve noticed over the past few years a distinct change in the contents of public comment threads in response to articles. Especially in the last few months, the tone of people’s comments have become much more filled with vitriol, hatred and violence toward government. I get it – the current governments suck! (Thus: Sapiocracy.)

But I just read a comment on a popular website begging everyone to learn how to make bombs in order to get ready for what needs to happen.

Bombs. What the fuck? Really? That’s the best idea you’ve got? Either you’re a DHS troll or you’re the nut-job the DHS says their looking for. Either way, you’re not part of the solution.

Don’t get me wrong – I strongly support individual rights to violently oppose a tyrannical government. But we’re not there yet. If you are an intelligent person and feel a need to brush up on your combat training, knock yourself out, but please don’t encourage the legions of internet morons to do something stupid. Calls to promote mass violence is the opposite of wise.

The angry tones emerging aren’t surprising given the level of outright corruption being revealed. However, it is disturbing (to me at least) because it isn’t necessarily the only or best way to solve the problems. This level of idiocy isn’t going to end well.

Sure, it is possible that the corrupt are so entrenched and sociopathic that history will show that the only action that breaks the cycle of corruption is a violent uprising. This is how they did it during the French Revolution. Reminder: What the French got out of the French Revolution wasn’t exactly a good solution.

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How Might Sapiocracy Handle Budgets?

There are seemingly complex political issues that most people aren’t informed or responsible enough to wisely vote on. Indeed, this is the main problem with pure democracy – the masses inevitably vote themselves benefits from the public treasury without understanding the long-term consequences of their ignorance. This is a main driver of the downfall of empires.

How would a Sapiocracy behave in the face of such issues?  I’m writing this article as a thought experiment to demonstrate the powerful feedback mechanisms in Sapiocracy and to give a good, real-world example.

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Have the Rules Changed?

Methods of controlling empires has remained the same for millennia. Machiavelli’s The Prince enumerates time-tested elite tactics that seem to transcend every possible leadership scenario. Is it possible that technology has changed the rules? I think so, but you may disagree.

Many have debated the impact of technology on human behavior and governance. I want to point out two clear and present factors directly resulting from the information age. I believe they may have already changed the rules for engagement between the elites and the masses. I see almost nobody discussing them.

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Forum and Logo

Just a quick note. I’ve installed a forum using MyBB and created handy-dandy header logos.

You can get to the forums using the “Forum” link in the header or by clicking here.

The forums use a separate login.  Please use the same user name and password for this blog and the forum as we may merge the logins at some point.  If they don’t match, that won’t work out too well for you.

Update 2015-03-01: I’ve killed the logins for the blog. Commenters can just specify a name each time. So the only login here is in the forums.



Trust and Computing

To be viable, any implementation of Sapiocracy requires an underlying system that is:

1) Secure – The computing system(s) cannot be tampered with.

2) Reliable – The functionality must be repeatably testable.

3) Open – Anyone with sufficient curiosity must be able to verify points 1 and 2.

4) Free – No entity can be allowed to force profit from the distribution or use of Sapiocracy.


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Three Layers of Hell

I see western populations grouped as a stratification of three distinct personalities. I may get the percentages wrong, but you’ll get the idea. The lowest (and largest) layer is around 80% and consists of mostly naive people who believe the propaganda they’re served. I’ll call these the lemmings. They aren’t stupid, but hopelessly believe what they’re told and don’t look below the surface at all. They are too concerned what others think of them and they’re trying to validate their own existence using metrics served to them by others. They go with the flow and try to avoid making waves. They believe in the American Dream and they think they have a chance at the nice home and car if they do what they’re told. Their understanding of reality is guided by mainstream media. They are simply ignorant.

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