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Hello there – I’m sapioplex, the site administrator.

This site is so far, the result of a passive project of mine – to develop an idea I had in January of 2013. It occurred to me that it is possible to structure a form of democracy that virtually eliminates corruption and ignorance from the collective decision-making process. The idea is made possible by the advent of commodity computing technology.

For a detailed overview, read the PDF file.

This sounds impossible, but it isn’t. I’ve pitched the idea to many people of all ilks (including experts in distributed and deliberative decision processes) and not one has ever suggested a credible reason Sapiocracy won’t work. Feel free to see if you can come up with one. I’m betting you can’t. (If you can, well then you’ll save all of us time, so hurry up!)

My goal is to attract interested people to discuss, refine and implement the ideas, specifications and implementations necessary for Sapiocracy to function. If you’re interested, go to the forum and participate. Don’t be shy…there’s little to lose and an enormous amount to gain.

There is currently no formal organization behind Sapiocracy. In the future, I suspect that a non-profit organization will be formed to be the official source of Sapiocracy standards. Other organizations are free to do whatever they want with these ideas, but beware: Any implementation that is not independently verifiable from the specifications level upward is easy to corrupt. If you’re technical enough, you should understand this. For this reason, I ask anyone thinking of starting a parallel project to put your efforts into this one instead. There is no downside. Beware of other similar efforts for these reasons.

Do not be fooled into accepting any system like Sapiocracy unless it is demonstrably open to an extent where no corrupt faction could possibly fake it. Anything that can be faked just isn’t going to work.

I am not doing this for money. I am not doing this to gain advantage. I’m doing it because the change to be caused by technological innovation is inevitable. I believe Sapiocracy or something very similar will happen; the only question is when.

I am also doing this because in order for Sapiocracy to be trusted, it must be completely and verifiably open and secure. If someone were to promote a fake idea like this that had a back door, it will simply fail when competing with a system that cannot be faked. I’d like to simplify this by just getting on with the real thing.

Everything about Sapiocracy must be open. This includes the specifications from which independently developed software can be developed. The intent is to make a system that cannot be gamed or attacked. This is possible. Such a system that has a solid self-checking specification can be demonstrated (by anyone) to be correct. It can therefore be trusted.

Please join me in the forum.


PS: If you want to contact me, join the forum and send me a private message.


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