Open Response to Hedgeless Horseman’s Call to Arms

KUDOS to Hedgeless Horseman

Today, Hedgeless Horseman of posted an encouraging article (“hedgeless_horseman’s Revolutionary Call to Arms) with a list of things one can do to advance us all toward solving problems. While I applaud the ideas, I think I can add some clarity and adjust the way people think about it in the interests of causing meaningful change.

You should read the article, but briefly, Mr. Horseman suggests reading some very good books (most of which I’ve read) and doing some things that pressure the system in which we find ourselves disgusted. These are good things to do.

Contrary to its title, the article isn’t really a call to arms per se. He’s not asking us to actually do anything that would change the system much – only things that would increase the public acuity and put pressure on the system. The things he’s asking will make it slightly more difficult for those in power to continue their corruption quite as successfully, but it doesn’t address the fundamental structural problems in the system. For example, it doesn’t address any way to prevent corruption in governmental systems.

Mr. Horseman said we should “Hold three fallacious posters accountable on by citing their fallacy.” OK – I’ll bite.

Mr. Horseman, here is my response.

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