Status Report

I haven’t published any new articles for a couple of months and I thought it would be good to update everyone on what has been going on here.

I’ve continued to have conversations and mini-debates about Sapiocracy. The idea is still unchallenged after 2.5 years. Everyone I come in contact with is strongly encouraged to attack it and many do. But every attempt has failed to produce any concern.

The real proof of this concept will come in the form of one or more usable implementations. This will take time. There are many pieces that will take a lot of careful preparation, especially in the synchronization of the first specifications and implementation. I’ve been quietly focusing on the development of the system.

Unless I come up or are presented with a new idea that is radically relevant, I won’t be focusing on new articles on the site although I’ll probably post updates like this every couple of months for good form. Focusing on the implementation is much more practical in the meantime.

That said, I still monitor the site, approve new users, etc.  So don’t be shy and send me a private message on the forum. 🙂