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I’ve noticed over the past few years a distinct change in the contents of public comment threads in response to articles. Especially in the last few months, the tone of people’s comments have become much more filled with vitriol, hatred and violence toward government. I get it – the current governments suck! (Thus: Sapiocracy.)

But I just read a comment on a popular website begging everyone to learn how to make bombs in order to get ready for what needs to happen.

Bombs. What the fuck? Really? That’s the best idea you’ve got? Either you’re a DHS troll or you’re the nut-job the DHS says their looking for. Either way, you’re not part of the solution.

Don’t get me wrong – I strongly support individual rights to violently oppose a tyrannical government. But we’re not there yet. If you are an intelligent person and feel a need to brush up on your combat training, knock yourself out, but please don’t encourage the legions of internet morons to do something stupid. Calls to promote mass violence is the opposite of wise.

The angry tones emerging aren’t surprising given the level of outright corruption being revealed. However, it is disturbing (to me at least) because it isn’t necessarily the only or best way to solve the problems. This level of idiocy isn’t going to end well.

Sure, it is possible that the corrupt are so entrenched and sociopathic that history will show that the only action that breaks the cycle of corruption is a violent uprising. This is how they did it during the French Revolution. Reminder: What the French got out of the French Revolution wasn’t exactly a good solution.

We need to calm these people down. There are a lot of Neanderthals out there and they’re easily enraged. With very little reflection, it should be pretty apparent that the last thing anyone needs is millions of enraged monkeys burning and pillaging everything in their path. Unrestrained mob behavior is a very, very bad thing.  No matter how much of a bad-ass you think you are, you’re not Rambo. Rambo was a character in a mediocre Hollywood movie.

There are other ways to proceed. Sapiocracy is one such way. Sure, it will take effort, but what good idea doesn’t? If you don’t know what Sapiocracy is, read the other posts on this site, starting with this one.

So my message for today is this:


2) Think about the problems and possible solutions.

3) Develop a plan. (Avoid anything violent or illegal.)

4) Act. (This means DO SOMETHING. Consider joining the forum here.)

In review, bitching online doesn’t help much. I suggest directing that aggression toward actual solutions or attracting others to help develop solutions.



2 thoughts on “About Aggression

  • BananasFoster says:

    But people really like fire…and bombs. 🙁

    • Vitium Artis says:

      True, but as everyone knows, it’s all fun and games until you lose and eye..

      Look up Third World Bomb Squad on youtube to see how unfun those games really are…

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